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Since today I will start organizing my posts more divided in subjects :)

I would like to do a series of colored portrait of Marvel movies main characters. I'm not sure how much time I will have available to do it. I would like to post some bonus material with it, so for now I will start with a teaser character. Cap!

Cap! Marvel Project / #1 Steve Rogers (sketch) by KatyAmlie
Stay tuned on my page!
*insert epic music here* owo

I managed to create a facebook website and start curing it !!! ^^

Please like and follow me there if you can! <33

PS: I'm new of all of this, my goal is to reach more audience on facebook, if you wish to give me some suggestions :33 please comment!
Xmas is coming ^5^ woooo snow, ponies (reindeers actually), santa and lot of cold..!

3 things!

Merry Xmas to everyone!
and happy new year, hope a very nice 2017 to everyone!

Commiss Info
I'm working on them, however i will be able to scan them only once returned home in the first days of January

Premium Membership
meeeeeeeee :'( my core membership ended, and i have no money to rebuy it, can someone help me? There's also the sale available, if you have to renew yours you can gift one for free, pretty please... Please thanks to that i can continue posting art daily :33
I ended up taking a bit longer time into accepting raffle participants, so the amount of joiners is grown a bit.

But I also decided to add more points thanks the provided donations <3 and to split the single previous in multiple prizes.

Winners are the following:

:iconunkownbrony52: Unkownbrony52 - 120 :points: + 1 scenery commission

:iconheartcrocher: Heartcrocher - 80 :points: + 1 scenery commission

:iconillydragonfly: IllyDragonfly - 40 :points: + 1 sketch commission

:icontemcginnis: TeMcGinnis - 40 :points:

:iconhirundoarvensis: hirundoarvensis - 20 :points:

Congratulations to all winners <3

I just created @catazarch account on Twitter Twitter icon

But also on Tumblr! Tumblr icon

If you use this two medias I'm curious to get from you some advice!! It's all new and exciting for me :D So any help is appreciated!! ^___^

Please comment if you like to follow me <33
So here I am preparing my first raffle!

For those who doesn't know what a raffle is, is just a lottery!
Subscribe to this one and get a chance of getting a free commission and points!

In order to participate:

- You have to be one of my active watchers, or at least interested in what I do (no use of duplicate accounts)
- Share this journal in a NEW poll or a NEW journal / status update !!
- Fav this post
- As last obviously comment below so that I know that you joined the raffle!
- Following me on twitter it's a bonus!

The winner will be awarded with the following prizes:

- 150 Points dA Points (I'm poor now :\ hope next raffles i will raise the bar).
- One Dream or Scenery Commission based on the choice of the winner worth of (15-20$) like the following below.

"Scenery" Samples:

Serenity on the Beach by KatyAmlie Flowers on the Sand by KatyAmlie Tiberio by KatyAmlie

"Pictured Dream" Samples:

Hanging On by KatyAmlie Tomato Dreams by KatyAmlie Landing on Clouds by KatyAmlie Empty Head by KatyAmlie Closet Dude by KatyAmlie

The winner will be chosen and announced as soon the raffle will reach 20 participants!

The raffle is made for the deviants who likes artworks not just for the points, the points will be assigned so only after the commission will be made and published. If the winner have no clue and is not serious about what commission to ask another winner will be pick out from the list!
Many things took me busy and away from dA, however I'm finally back here :)

I plan to get back posting lot of art almost daily, however since my last log-out i discovered my premium membership ended :(

I have to renew my credit card and I'm unable now to buy myself one for now, so I would like to ask:

Can someone help me gifting me the core membership even just for one month? I need it in order to reorganize the account properly ^o^

I will gift back a commission to the donator in order to thank them for the core membership! <3


wow seems someone gifted me the core <333

but it's an anonymous deviant!

please reveal yourself so that i can gift you a commission !!!!


If nobody will claim the donation i will start a raffle for assign a commission

Please note me in case :)

:iconscreamingmonkeyplz: Attention Please!

Lot of fun i had in this months experimenting watercoloring in different moods and ways!!
I want to try now something different and new so because it seems lot of people are doing this here... I AM OPEN TO COMMISSIONS !! *insert wavy metal classical epic musiczzz* ♫ ♪ ♫

PayPal bullet by emocxPoints
Both PayPal and Points are accepted!

In order to commission me please send me a Note :note: with the description if you want to pay with PayPal bullet by emocx or use directly the Commission Box above this journal if you wish to pay with :points: points. As usual once the commission is accepted i will ask the payment be done in order to actively start working on it.

For now i opened two kind of commissions:

DREAMS XD ! That's it!!

But i wanted to add something fun in middle of commissions so i told myself based on all my time spent in oniric representations
what could be really really fun to do other than classic scenario works that i still like and love?

Let's draw people dreams!!

Pictured Dream ( 15 $ or 1500 points )

Hanging On by KatyAmlie Tomato Dreams by KatyAmlie Landing on Clouds by KatyAmlie Commission - Galeon Dream by KatyAmlie   Reaching the Moon by KatyAmlie the Tree and the Tower (book cover colored!) by KatyAmlie
Cloud Catchers by KatyAmlie Man of the Cloud by KatyAmlie Sparse Thougs by KatyAmlie All fly away by KatyAmlie Closet Dude by KatyAmlie Commission - Harbour View by KatyAmlie

Yes, your own dream pictured in my way and based on your descriptions and sensations.

But please.. :iconyoyopleaseplz:

No nightmares.. if you can u.u

:iconyoyocryplz: :iconafraidmonkeyplz: :iconiwantbloodplz:

I know you guys will be really into making me draw some and I could do them too but.. well i prefer happy dreams xD

As you know i really like every kind of feedback so, if you have any question feel free to reply here or send me a note!

PS: for any request that involve commercial usage of the works like as Book Covers, Children Books Illustrations and so on send me a note or a mail for more info :3

Regular Commissions

Portrait ( 20 $ or 2000 points )

Girl with Roses by KatyAmlie

Scenery ( 20 $ or 2000 points )

Serenity on the Beach by KatyAmlie Flowers on the Sand by KatyAmlie Tiberio by KatyAmlie

Complex Scenery ( 30 $ or 3000 points )

Ravello by KatyAmlie Ischia by KatyAmlie Capri by KatyAmlie Lake View by KatyAmlie

Available as digital file to commissioner and printable via deviantart or society6 print systems! I'm still trying to figure out what can be the international shipping costs so for now I'm not able to offer commissions that involves original works.

Commission Slots 2/3 [open]

Bullet; Yellow 1x Pictured Dream Commission Button - Paid by happy-gurl

Commissions Done

Bullet; Green 1x Complex Scenary Commission Button - Paid by happy-gurl

Bullet; Green 1x Pictured Dream Commission Button - Paid by happy-gurl

~ 2 slot open ~

As you can see deviantART put the prints 25% off during the black friday week.

If you are interested in the offer, i just opened my prints section on my profile Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3]

Is not like i will earn really something by selling the prints because deviantART pay u pratically nothing,
but it's more the fun and being happy someone liked my art and wanted a piece by himself in his/her home!

These are just some of the prints available for view them all click HERE

Buy with confidence!

I researched a lot before preparing the files for the prints, instead uploading mid res file like some people do, i provided super high res files 12.000 x 10.000 pixels resolution with 48bit color depth and included color matching profile.

This means the result will be the best deviantART print service can offer! Even on high-res sizes!

Remember that you can always buy even with :points: deviantART points so for example, if you want a fine art print semiglossy that is wonderful it will cost you not so much around 250-350 points for a decent normal sized one!! Think about it if you have some spare points to use :) !!!

Click on one of the prints and go in Photo -> 8x12 inch Glossy or Matte (even if my suggestion is pick Lustre)

If you want to support me and at same time you think it could be a nice Christmas gift to yourself, a friend, your love feel free to consider placing an order!

PS: Feel free to comment in this journal if you have some advice or you want extra infos or even a fun comment!

edit: I made a selection of the most interesting prints, but if i forgot a printable version of a work you would like to have printed please tell and i will upload the super high res for the print :)
With this post I will start a periodic feature (random scheduled - here is where the title comes from) where I will showcase some of the works I liked more from fellow deviants.

This entry will showcase works from this artists: Takamin, BlotchComics, dinabelenko

~ Takamin ~

A brilliant artist with passion for ballpoint pen artworks. His works are very detailed, but the lines are always well placed and them never appear excessive. By using the pen for render volumes and the textures instead a classic pencil more contrast is obtained with very pleasurable results. Here you can find a little extract of his gallery.

~ ~ ~

.::Contentment::. by Takamin

.:: Hibiscus ::. by Takamin

.::Eagle Eye::. by Takamin

.::Dani::. by Takamin .::Akira::. by Takamin

.::Peace ::. by Takamin .:: Jin Kenshin ::. by Takamin

~ BlotchComics ~

I found BlotchComics by randomly digging new deviations here on deviantART with one of his Partners and Adversaries series artwork. This series is fun and even if I don't go too much after fanarts in general I liked the way he presented the subject and nice use of the color tones here. After a further look in his profile I was also nicely impressed to discover that he's a skilled comic maker as you can see in the pictures below.

~ ~ ~

Locke and Ben by BlotchComics
True Detective - Rust and Marty by BlotchComics Walter and Jesse by BlotchComics Nucky and Jimmy by BlotchComics

Here you can see some of his covers and inked pages, results are very cool in my opinion and invite the reader to open the comic and just read further.

Mr. Freeze by BlotchComics

Page 1 - Finished Inks by BlotchComics

Some of his "Fusion" comic full colored pages are posted below.

~ dinabelenko ~

My knowledge in photography isn't so much developed however I guess that the works from dinabelenko are something that involve more the fun and composing aspects rather the photography technique itself, considering this and my love for geometry i want to feature some of her works here.

~ ~ ~

Morning coffee by dinabelenko
Penrose waffles (update) by dinabelenko Sunny Day Kit by dinabelenko
Stargazers by dinabelenko
Confectionery excavation by dinabelenko
Endless Book 1-13 by dinabelenko

~ ~ ~

That's all folks ^o^

~ ~ ~

This feature ends here, i have no clue when the next will be posted ^o^ as said above the schedule is random !
I hope you enjoyed the artists and the works presented here as much i did. See you to the next episode!


I think i will spend my time drawing and painting a bit even if all not the day long obviously :3

Enjoy the easter~
Just trying to showcase some of my recent works here on dA, would be cool get some feedback too related to their themes and appearance.

Can you suggest me some places where i can talk, show and see some watercolors deviations?

I would also really try this critiques feature but i didn't get how this work, can you help me with it?